Dedicated to raising the highest quality cattle while putting the environment first.



We are committed to continually improving our ranching practices in ways that nurture the environment and increase the quality and nutrition of our beef, and performance and dependability of our bulls. We seek to always have an open mind to new ideas and practices and to share our knowledge and our operation with anyone who seeks it. We view ourselves as caretakers of the land and respectful to maintaining biodiversity, natural habitat, and clean waterways.




To improve grazing systems in order to better maintain native grasses and diversity, water filtration, and nutrition levels.


To improve the quality of our herd through genetics, data collection, and gentle cattle handling practices.


To increase our carbon sequestration rate through improved pasture rotation and cover crops


To be an advocate for sustainable ranching and the benefits to our environment that it provides.


“Our stewardship to the land benefits everyone. This is for my son.”




G Bar C Ranch started 35 years ago with the purchase of 350 acres. Owner and founder GC Ellis wore out 2 pickup trucks in search for the perfect location to start his dream. Ranch Manager, Michael Knabe began working with GC at age 18 and has been part of the family for almost 30 years. GC Ellis’s daughter, Meredith Ellis, represents the next generation and future of the ranch. “We all live and work on the ranch together,” says Meredith, “I am very lucky to be able to learn from Mike and dad.”

Since its inception, the ranch has grown to almost 3000 acres with around 200 mother cows who calve each year. The ranch consists of two programs. A commercial beef program, and a registered black angus program. The commercial beef program’s goal is to raise the most nutritious beef available while being respectful to both cattle and the environment. The program has been a part of the reputable Integrity Beef Alliance since its inception, a subset of the Noble Research Institute.

The registered black angus program’s goal is to raise dependable well-rounded bulls to commercial cattlemen. “We have a lot of repeat customers,” says Meredith, “our bulls are a good blend of calving ease and growth. We look at efficiency and docility; we want it to be easy for our bull buyers.”

To achieve the goals of both programs on the ranch, careful attention is paid to data. “If you can measure it, we are collecting that data,” says Meredith. In-the-field data is compared against genetics of both dams and sires to determine future artificial insemination and breeding protocols. Close collaboration with the Noble Research Institute is also key. Noble consultants advise science based solutions and testing for many aspects of ranching. The ranch is also a member of the United States Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and the American Angus Association. This collaborative effort continually pushes the G Bar C Ranch to improve in both quality and sustainability.